The long standing feud between HKE and the vaporwave community has flared up again this past weekend, with certain members of the Vaporwave Cassette Club group on Facebook attempting to take the Dream Catalogue boss to task for a multitude of annoyances they have with him.

The events transpired following the recent announcement that Dream Catalogue will be returning to doing limited edition cassette runs, as per new Dream Catalogue staff member Halo Acid’s vision for the label. The news was discussed via the Facebook group, which boasts 6000 members, in which HKE responded to on his live podcast, CANVAS.

Some members of the group accused HKE of attempting to “market to the vaporwave community” while at the same time “trash talking” the same community, amongst many other complaints against him.

HKE hit back at these comments, accusing certain members of being “cultists” who are engaging in “witch hunting”.

He went on stream on his live podcast, CANVAS, to return the favour to the group – reading out comments and highlighting why he believed such people had taken to adopting a “cult mindset” against him.

It is not the first time such events have transpired – with HKE and the general vaporwave community at large sharing a fairly tumultuous history over recent years, as the fiery and opinionated artist has not hidden his feelings towards certain members of the vaporwave scene.

You can hear his response on his Saturday CANVAS episode, bluntly titled: HKE Responds To The Dumbasses In The Vaporwave Cassette Club”