The Wushimi Complex – ‘The Anon Database’, drops February 28th

w u s o 命 and Yoshimi are: The Wushimi Complex. Known within the Dream Catalogue scene as being two of the most prominent technical producers on the label, these two have come together to blend their expertise in creating a mega collaboration album, ‘The Anon Database’.

‘The Anon Database’ is as cinematic an experience as you would expect from the two artists. With Japanese studio wizard Yoshimi bringing his signature ambient darkness, utilising his methodical reverb and textural space, and the Canadian w u s o 命, who debuted on Dream Catalogue in 2018 with ‘Don’t Forget Me’, bringing his melodic, synth-heavy dreampunk edge, the album comes together as a soundtrack to an intense dream, a neo-noir landscape of endless industrial concrete and red neon signposts guiding the mind.

‘The Anon Database’ will release February 28th through Dream Catalogue on digital/streaming formats and limited edition CD. Look out for previews, including a lead single and music video, in the coming weeks.

For now, you can watch a short teaser clip that appeared on Twitter last Thursday