In the first half of 2019, Manchester native Alex Harris (A.K.A. Thugwidow) agreed to release two full-length LP’s on up and coming intervapeur label Hollow Point One. The first of them arrived in march (‘Weaponised Soul’), and its counterpart ‘Sinking Feeling’ arrived yesterday.

The “king of breaks” (as he’s known by some within the scene) didn’t disappoint with either of these releases. In essence, they’re made up of a Google Drive folder full of tunes entitled ‘Dubzz’, from which the album ‘Hollow Sun’, released in 2018 on the Pure Life label, also originated.

Alongside this release, tape runs for both of the artist’s albums on the label have been pressed by &Options, a Vancouver-based label that had already worked with Hollow Point One on the physical release of ‘Roads’ by Sangam.

Check the album out here.