TKX set to re-open imminently

TKX is set to open for business again today, with the relaunch of HKE’s first ever side label to happen imminently, after a rush of movement behind the scenes this morning.

The new look TKX will hearken back to some of the original styles the label was most known for – namely, being the home of the most experimental, groundbreaking and hard to stomach music in the dream scene.

TKX will now be operated by a curation committee, of which HKE will be a member, rather than being operated by a single label head as it had been over the past years, first under HKE’s tenureship before moving on through several other owners.

The history of TKX dates back to the launch of ‘Tokyo Exchange’, a subsidiary of Dream Catalogue in late 2014 that hosted more experimental and avant-garde releases in keeping with the dreampunk aesthetic the record label was known for at the time.

Over the years it transitioned through several identities – settling on TKX Vault for some time, a home for the most challenging music coming out of the scene, and then eventually TKX Martin and TKX LOST, acting as the home turf for flap music which somehow made the TKX Vault era look palatable by comparison to most.

With these factors in mind, TKX comes back together later today with a relaunch in the tradition of the outside and the experimental.