By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

The mysterious Dr Nakano is much like the last dose of Preparation H I posted on Dream Catalogue (Topical Creme #1: My Thoughts on Facechain’s Mikkalanjlo): swamped with retro warmth and character, he forms part of the new vision for the label’s future.

However, despite the initial similarities, the departure between the two becomes quickly apparent. Whereas Facechain’s quirky ideologies lie with other Dream Catalogue artists such as Halo Acid and The Artist is Unknown, Dr Nakano’s sound leans more towards more towards Pyravid in its composition, quirky composition and scale, with smatterings of post rock here and there.

Straightforward in concept, the doctor’s Holographic World‘ album quickly develops a feeling of curiosity and adventure in the listener, ‘Am I walking in a desert? Am I investigating a crime scene?’ All of these thoughts entered my mind at one point of another. This album feels like it would not feel out of place on a 70’s documentary or educational tape. The kind of people who tend to listen to soundtracks of a movie rather than watch the movie itself would enjoy this.

The album on the whole is cohesive and is served better listened complete, but if there is a specific track that stands out as being worth a listen specifically it would be Desert Sand; with its crusty guitar, distorted muttering and slight synth touches, you’d be forgiven for thinking you had been drugged and transported to Area 51 or had just awoken from a rohypnol induced slumber on a Berghain toilet floor covered in urine and lubricant. I know which one I am leaning towards.