By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

Today’s ice cool pint of Heineken poured over your head comes from the wandering Japanese ambient artist Rhucle.

Rhucle is one of the more productive ambient artists around right now with a high turn over in works, but this should not be taken as a symbol of diminished quality – his art is very consistent in quality and encompasses a variety of sounds.

However, I will discuss today one of his standout albums, Yellow Beach, which is among the best the Chilean label No Problema Tapes has to offer.

Separating himself from the likes of other ambient artists such as Sangam or Remember that most on this page will be familiar with as being relatively dark in the case of the former or emotional in the case of the latter, Rhucle’s ambient tends to be warm and bright. If Sangam is walking cold streets or in a dingy flat then Rhucle would be found camping or walking a beach as the album in question’s title suggests.

Yellow Beach is an album that feels like it serves as a cohesive whole rather than a collection of tracks that many artists suffer from. The album seems to focus on enchanting textures and compositions. You’d be surprised as to how many different ways the same patches can be used without becoming a nuisance. The entire project is unified by similar composition ideology. There are warm beautiful organic textures, slight basses, that permeate before disappearing then reappearing, filtered synth lines rise and fall often over the sounds of water, children playing or nature sounds.

It is compelling just to hear the minor details come and go as the album continues, and this alone carries the quality of the work without even considering the feelings of nostalgia, warmth and innocence that comes with it.

If a specific track is to be recommended out of the whole album, the stand out would be Draw which lies beautifully subdued before rising for a high and triumphant finish to the album. Draw presumably referring to activity, not the resin – although I definitely prefer the former as it is harder to get a hard-on in the Berghain Toilets whilst on the latter.