By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

Here is another one of my special dishes. Namely, chips, gravy and melted cheese. Today, I will chat about the new album ‘Petrichor Days’ from French downtempo specialist, Chungking Mansions.

And speaking of the French, recently I have been trying to convince the Gilet Jaune (by infiltrating their online chats) that the Louvre should be burned to the ground so the French branch of the Berghain franchise could be opened on its ashes – as a symbol of the new era. I have successfully convinced one guy with a frog avatar of its potential, I am slowly making progress.

However, I must talk about this titular subject otherwise Dream will kick me out…

Chungking Mansions returns to our collective consciousness with a return to his familiar sound, repackaging throw away music often used in obscure French adverts and documentaries into new life. Strange low fidelity melodies are trampled over by experimental beats of many sources – I believe some are impacts from various minerals being struck – combined with various other sample sources such as vocal snippets.

The progression from this artist’s original works on Dream is poignant whilst it still retains the humour and character that made him one of the more frequent faces on the circuit. When I listen, visually it feels like I am watching an old SCART TV on a cloudy day.

Overall, this album is another strong showing, that proves there still many tricks up his sleeves. Highlights on the album come in the form of several tracks: ‘Sunset in the Balcony, Thinking About a Tune by HKE’ is minimal melancholy at its finest, whilst ‘Empire’ is a foray into experimental hip hop with a strange selection of sample choices that makes it a trip to say the least.