By That Drunk Bloke at the Bar with a Black Pleather Cape and an Open Sore on his Upper Lip

Time for another game of beer pong while the DJ plays lo-fi house by upper class poseurs pretending to be broke.

Today I will be covering an overlooked gem by the mayfly artist Eva Weishaupt. Arriving at dawn beautiful and triumphant, before fading into dusk with only a bloated corpse brimmed with questions remaining, Patriot remains one of the key successes of label HVRF Central Command and the hardvapour movement.

Filthy, saturated with murk and punctuated by agonising screams, this album reminds me very much of my dear Berghain (love you honey). It straddles the line of being an agonising, punishing listen whilst simultaneously beautiful. Distorted percussion pounds the speakers, making it sound like they could very well be at risk of popping at any given second, or maybe they have already and I am listening to this album through dead speakers. Either way, it sounds very satisfying – so much so, I actually forgot about the sores ravaging my arse. In that way it is quite soothing.

Complementing the music are suffering synth lines saturated to the brim, that are in many ways contrasting, often playful, pretty. They dance about, as if leaping over burning coals in some strange ritual, adding a new dimension to the proceedings.

The highlight track of the project is ‘Dirigens’, a track that begins life as a playful melody that is soon to grow into a crazy drunken teen throwing plates across the room and cursing at its propagator. The whole album feels cohesive thematically and is well executed conceptually. A complete listen is well recommended.