UpNext: 마법의 시작 The beginning of magic

When we first devised the concept of ‘UpNext’ I hadn’t envisaged my first entry into the collection would be on a music upload to the platform in review, but having randomly stumbled across this enchanting piece in the wee hours of the morning, when searching for unrelated things, I was struck with inspiration to write something on it. Seemingly, it is a part of the soundtrack to some twee romance movie of some sort, based on the cover of the auto-generated upload – yet this ‘Beginning of magic’ in relation to the suggested love affair, contextualised by the natural beauty of the musicality itself in its sweeping, orchestral, dramatic bliss really floored me back to the real, looking at the stars through the ceiling, a reminder of our natural essence that is sometimes shrouded in this overdrive of data we are subject to at every waking moment of our modern lives; the eternal call of our most inner Korean romance movie ideals.

Written by HKE.