Weniwasu’s latest album ‘Excetra’ to drop on Dream Catalogue next week

Weniwasu is the collaborative ambient-techno project of Kagami Smile and MOD-COMM 81. Two faces that most around the dreampunk scene will surely be familiar with by now – though this is MOD’s first official appearence on Dream Catalogue despite a hatful of appearences on our old NTS residency, various Dream shows in London, and at our takeover sessions of the Ruf Kutz stage at Gottwood Festival 2016 and 17. Kagami Smile has made several appearences on the label over the past few years, cementing himself as an essential figure of the modern dreampunk scene.

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The project came to life as the two artists became acquainted over the past few years and dropped two releases, now cult classics, on Mod’s label House of the Leg. Their third album ‘Excetra’, following on from a thumping blow-away set on Livewire 2, sees the continuation of their style progress into abyssal ambience and sparse, meditative techno that fans of 2814’s ‘Pillar / New Sun’ release should enjoy, continuing the rapid expansion of the dreampunk sound and style we have seen in 2020.

‘Excetra’ will drop next Tuesday, 15th September on Spotify and all other streaming services. A cassette will drop the following day, Wednesday the 16th. As with the Remember cassette we dropped last week, which sold out in just 4 hours, this will be a limited edition cassette of 50. There will be no repress.

Listen to opening track ‘Through The Ground’ now: