Yoshimi brings collaborative partner Ninomiya Tatsuki for new album

This coming Thursday, June 4th, Yoshimi returns to Dream Catalogue with new collaborative partner Ninomiya Tatsuki for a split-collarative effort ‘優しい時間’ (‘Gentle Time’).

The 11-track album sees Dream Catalogue mainstay Yoshimi introduce a fellow Japanese recording artist to the dreampunk scene, as Ninomiya Tatsuki demonstrates a similar spiritual ambient music approach to his album partner here, bring a softer tone in comparison to Yoshimi. He opens the album up with four tracks, before a series of collaboration tunes, before Yoshimi’s half which blends well from the preceding efforts, showcasing Yoshimi’s cinematic production and darker mood.

Ninomiya Tatsuki is a Niigata-based musician and artist, with a background in rock music, having played piano and guitar. He later moved into electronic music, preferring a more solitudinous and expansive style to work with.

The album will release on limited edition digipak CD and digital forms this Thursday after premiering on Vapor Memory.

Listen below to a preview from the album, ‘Transmogrify’, one of the collaborative pieces between the duo.