Yoshimi drops new album ‘Fragile’ on digital and limited edition cassette

Yoshimi - Fragile [Cover]

Yoshimi premiered his new album ‘Fragile’ earlier tonight, releasing it via Dream Catalogue digitally and as a limited edition of 50 red cassettes, with artwork and layout designed by Dream Catalogue’s lead designer Nicol.

From the opening seconds of ‘Fragile’ with its radio static interference and dipping synths that merge into unexpected percussive tones, Yoshimi makes his intention known: his new album won’t be the same music you are used to from the Tokyo-based producer. This is the most avant-garde journey the artist has created to date.

And if you thought Yoshimi couldn’t get any darker than his previous output at times suggested, the work here proves otherwise. ‘Fragile’ is at times an outright horror show – with anxiety-inducing blasts of sounds that shock, reverberating through your head; strings and percussion that confuse with their disharmony; and subtle nods to the traditional cultural sounds of his native land that tend to permeate his music. While the cinematic production that the Japanese artist is known for remains, the industrial beats and growling bass has been exchanged for a more unusual and rich orchestral palette.

This one is for the most tilted heads out there.

‘Fragile’ is available on Dream Catalogue as a digital download and limited edition cassette run of 50 red tapes.